Hide projects on googling

Hi, I’m a user of wandb.
I’m in several projects now, but others can search some of them on google despite I already locked them.
How to prevent it to come out?


Hey @wooshik-m, they shouldn’t be able to access the projects. Can you share what you are seeing when searching in google?

Thank you for your reply.

I checked others cannot access the project but it still is exposed simply on the web as below.

Can I hide this?

This should disappear in an hour or two. It sometimes happens when googles crawler gets to it while the project is public, and takes a little time to remove it when it’s become private.
We made a removal request so that should expedite the process.

I tried today again, but it still can be searched…

Hey @wooshik-m, sorry about all the back and forth. Could you check again? It takes a while to update.

I still can search our project on guest.

Thanks, I am checking on this. Sorry about all the back and forth.

Hey there, we have made some updates on our end. Can you please double-check?

Hey @wooshik-m,​ I wanted to follow up on this request. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.

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