Having problems with LaTeX reports

When I try to download a LaTeX report the download spinning wheel starts, but never stops.
Does it take so long or is this an issue with my setup?

I’m working on a MacBook accessing wandb from Apple Safari browser.

Hey Jürgen, can you send the link to the report?


This report is not downloadable as LaTeX version: https://wandb.ai/thetaphipsi/CNEP/reports/Training-CNEP-with-different-LR-Warmup–VmlldzoxMzMxNTg2?accessToken=d19fhd2vegr1y65xnjkaqqnc758fsav3edcsmc264gsmen4k1ngppz6v4ii4kbpq

I created a different one, without any table of contents and it works, don’t know what the issues is in that case.


Hey Jürgen.

There seems to be a bug on our end. We’ll need to investigate this. I have created a ticket.
Sorry about the inconvenience.


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