Getting launch agent error while deploying experiment to kubernetes . Bug in the new agent image?

I had a working WandB launch queue and agent configured . Today I updated the kubernetes config to include a Pod Disruption budget for the WandB jobs . During this process the agent helm chart was also ran , and I saw that the image is updated from [0.16.0-state-fix] to [0.16.3] . After this I ran a pipeline to enque a demo experiment to check everything is fine , but it is crashing due to agent issues . From the agent logs I can see:

wandb: ERROR launch: Error running job: Exception when ensuring Kubernetes API key secret: Server disconnected

I have a valid API key . The same key was used to enque the jobs , create queues and also in the agent config .

What has changed ?

hey @abin-duttagupta - I noticed this was surfaced in a similar thread here and was informed that this was resolved via the call last week with our team, so I’ll close out this thread for now, but feel free to write in if you encounter anything in the future!