Generalized & Incremental Few-Shot Learning by Explicit Learning & Calibration [ICCV 2021]

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What are we discussing?
Generalized and Incremental Few-Shot Learning by Explicit Learning and Calibration without Forgetting accepted at ICCV 2021 with Anna Kukleva!

📌 What is few-shot learning?
📌 What is generalized few-shot learning?
📌 What are the difficulties?
📌 Proposed framework to address these difficulties.
📌 Extension to incremental learning.

Anna is a Research Intern at Meta & PhD at Max Planck Institute for Informatics. She did MSc in Computer Science at Bonn University, Germany, and BSc in Computer Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. She previously did research Intern at Inria Paris in Willow team with Ivan Laptev and Makarand Tapaswi and also worked as Research Assistant at Uni Bonn with Hilde Kuehne and Juergen Gall.2021-12-18T14:30:00Z