Error while calling W&B API iinternal database error (<Response [500]>)

I am running four experiments from the same system (a google cloud VM) and while one is running fine: three have frozen (no progress but program still active/has not errored out). Curious if anyone knows how to fix this?

Hi @usman391 ,

Thank you for reaching out with your support request. We will be glad to look into this to determine the cause.
Can you please provide the following:

  • Description of the experiment you are running (single runs from four agents, or parallel processes?)
  • Sample code for you how you are initializing/executing runs
  • debug logs for the runs this error is occurring, they live in the WANDB_DIR which defaults to ./wandb in your project folder.

Please attach the code sample/logs here or send directly to me at



Thanks for the response Mohammad Bakir. The error actually went away after I rebooted the system and has not occurred again since. If it occurs again, I will let you know.

Hi @usman391 , thank you for updating us that this error has gone away. Yes please do let us know if this occurs again. I will mark this matter closed in the meantime.

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