Creating Artifact Manually While Using Metaflow <> WandB Integration

Hi everyone,

I’m using the MetaFlow Integration with WandB. I understand the decorator will help me log instance variables (e.g., pandas data frames) as artifacts to WandB automatically.

In one of Metaflow steps, I’m trying to write a set of arrow files to disk and then upload these to an artifact with WandB. To do such I must run:


Is there an easy way to extract / get the run object created by the wandb metaflow decorator so that it can be used to log this artifact explicitly?


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Hi Sahil!

We don’t expose the run object directly, but you can log to that run implicitly by calling this inside your step.

artifact = wandb.Artifact(name, type="dataset")

Are you trying to save dataframes as .arrow? We save this as .parquet today, but can add an arrow option.

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That’s awesome! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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