Confusion matrix for a lot of classes gets messy

Hello! I’m trying to plot confusion matrix for a lot of classes. Is there any way to plot predicted class names vertically for example? Maybe change font size or spacings between names somehow?
Right now it looks like this with out of the boundaries class names

Hello @kirillp , yes you can customize the chart by editing the Vega Spec, docs here. Our custom chart use Vega for Spec and you can edit that spec then customize to have the visualization you’d want. More examples here from Vega docs.

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Thank you! I made convenient to look at confusion matrix. For those wondering - you need to edit “labelAngle” and “labelAlign” in “axes”.

Glad to hear that it worked on your end and for sharing how you discover what you need @kirillp . With that, we’ll mark this as resolved and feel free to write in again for any questions. Have a great day~