Collect results from sweep

I am tuning hyper-params with wandb.sweep. For now, in order to get the best group of hyper-params, I have to look for the best group on my own and record those params manually. I wonder whether there is a way to extract or collect reuslts of hyper-params automatically by wandb?
Thanks a lot!


We have Parallel Coordinate plots and Hyper Parameter Importance Plots in the UI that can help with looking for the best group! In terms of collecting results of sweeps, the hyperparameters are automatically logged to the config.yaml file in your run’s file tab. However, if you want to collect the hyperparameters yourself, you can also access individual hyperparameter values using wandb.config['hyperparameter-name'] within the main() function you are running your sweep on. Here is our documentation on ways to use access and update the config file.

Thank you very much for your advices! :laughing:

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