Colab Disconnecting

Please help. I’m trying to use wandb in colab and was able to do so yesterday for the first time. All be it, the runtime would disconnect and then reconnect in the same state after each training session.

Today however, Everytime i login, it crashes after hanging for 30 seconds or so.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

here is my code,
all in seperate cells

!pip install wandb -qqq

import wandb


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Could you please check your network for any possible issues? Generally our materials have been tested well on colab and this shouldn’t be happening

@deepleo I also experienced more Colab disconnections when I integrated wandb. It resolved when I placed the codes in separate cells (which I see did not work for you).

Maybe it’s the code. I use:

from fastai.callback.wandb import *

wandb.init(project = ‘project_name’, name = ‘model_training_name’, reinit = True)

Hope this helps!


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