Can't delete teams/orgs


I am not able to delete old accounts, the teams have been deleted, but the “accounts”/“orgs” still exists. I can see them when I click on my name in the upper right corner. How can I delete them completely?

Thank you


Hello @gsprd , happy to help. Could you please share your wandb user profile and ORG name that you are seeing on your end.

Hi Joana-Marie,

Thank you very much.

My username is gsprd and I have two deleted “teams” for which I still see the accounts/orgs:

  • “Warming-up Recurrent Neural Networks”
  • “slightly-smarter-mails”


PS: I would like to keep organisation “kestrels”.

Hello @gsprd , we would like to inform you that request has been completed. We’ll mark this as resolved and feel free to write in again for any inquiry.