Can't delete project


I somehow created a project called “model-registry” (I can’t remember how exactly, but I believe it was through the API), and I can’t delete it through the UI. Is this a reserved name? The project has no runs in it and I would like to remove it. Can you help?


Hello @stefanistrate ,

Happy to help and will look into your project on how we can proceed on deleting it. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

Hi @stefanistrate , thank you for your enquiry - model-registry is indeed a protected name (currently used for the Model Regsitry feature) and therefor cannot be deleted.

Let us know if you have any further questions on this. Thanks!

Understood. Can you at least hide it from my projects list? If I can’t use it or submit runs to it, is there any good reason why it would appear as an empty project?

This is how it shows in my projects list: