Cannot move runs to another project

I’m having the exact issue mentioned here. I.e. when I try moving runs to another project, it gets stuck at “moving 0%”. This has frequently happened for me over the last month or two. Usually it works after a few tries. It is currently not working at all.

To answer the questions posed to the OP in the other post:

  • What is the project you want to take runs from? → Weights & Biases
  • What runs of the project are you trying to move ? (If you are using a filter, could you tell me the filter) → Many runs, e.g. Weights & Biases
  • What is the project you want to move your runs to? → Weights & Biases

Update: Eventually, after several hours and plenty of iterations of hitting the move button, it worked. Though this was a very bad experience, it would be great if it could be fixed.

hey @danbraunai-apollo - thanks for flagging this. there was a known issue where these runs were taking awhile to move around the time you wrote in, but it should be resolved now. feel free to write back in if you encounter similar behavior in the future, and sorry about this inconvenience