Calling run.history(samples=n_samples) returns a sample size different from n_samples

Hi everyone!

I am experiencing weird behaviour of the run.history() function in Python:

Calling run.history(samples = 100) gives me sample sizes different to 100 and the sample size varies for each call. E.g. executing it 5 times gave me sample sizes 98, 90, 88, 110, 104.
However, when I execute run.history(keys=['my_key'], samples=100), I get a sample size of exactly 100 for every call. Why is this the case?

After investigating this further, I found more strange behaviour: Calling run.history(keys=['my_key'], samples=n_samples) yields a sample size of exactly n_samples, as long as n_samples <= 12493 (at least for my test run). If n_samples > 12493, smaller sample sizes (varying roughly between 12400 and 12490) are returned.

Am I understanding something wrong or are these functions behaving in a way that they shouldn’t?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @kolja,

The function is probably not behaving as it is supposed to - I’m going to have to investigate this on my end, but we should expect run.history(samples = n) to return n values (as long as they exist).

Hi @kolja,

We wanted to follow up with you regarding your support request as we have not heard back from you. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.

Hi @ramit_goolry ,

no unfortunately the issue is still not resolved.

Hi @kolja,

I apologize about that - that was an automated message that was sent over. Could you try using run.scan_history() and let me know if you run into the same behaviour?


Hi @ramit_goolry ,

run.scan_history() per definition returns the full history, not a sampled version. It behaves as expected, but my use case is that I want to downsample long runs to a specific number of samples, so this does not solve my issue.

Hey @kolja,

Thanks for the explanation! run.history() is not behaving correctly here - I had already filed a bug report for this to be tracked internally. For now, I would suggest using run.history(keys=['my_key'], samples=100) in order to get all your metrics in that case.

I will respond back here once this issue has been resolved.

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