Both GPU usage and GPU TIme Spent Accessing Memory is low

What does it mean when both GPU Usage and GPU Time Spent Accessing Memory is low. I was under the impression that these two would normally add to 100. My GPU Usage is at about 20% and the GPU time spent accessing memory is at 4%. Could someone help me understand what might be causing this and potentially how I might be able to solve this.

Hi @adhakal2 thanks for writing in! That’s an interesting discussion and has been answered here. Ideally, you would want to increase your GPU usage to 100%, while GPU Access memory should be near 0%. These don’t necessarily sum up to 100%, since your GPU could concurrently perform memory access and compute processing. I hope this helps, but please let us know if you had any further questions! Any screenshot, or link to your Workspace would help to understand more what you’re seeing.

Hi @adhakal2 just checking in here to see if you had any follow-up questions, or if you’re still seeing any issue with GPU usage/memory access time? Thank you!

Hi @adhakal2 since we haven’t heard back from you, we are going to close this ticket for now. If you’re still having any questions/issues, please let us know and we will be happy to keep investigating!

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