Bayes method for searching in sweep

I am using Bayes searching method to sweep through a group of hyper-parameters. Number of all permutations of these 2 hyper-parameters is 15. I set sweep count as 60, in order to get more cases. However when I check the sweep plots, I see this:

There are already 44 sweeps, but it seems many of cases are exactly identical. As a result, I actually only get 6 or 7 cases, even less than grid search. As you can see above, many cases are really superpositioned…

So it confuses me now that how should I understand Bayes searching method.
And there is corresponding code about sweep:

sweep_configuration = {
'method': 'bayes',
'name': f'{args.dataset_name} 3rd class: levels, hidden_size',
'metric': {'goal': 'minimize', 'name': 'valid/ber'},
    'levels': {'values': [1,2,3,4,5]},
    'hidden_size': {'values': [1.0,2.0,3.0]}
args.tune_count = 60
wandb.agent(sweep_id, function=Hyper_param_Tune, count=args.tune_count)

Thanks for any help!

Here is also another prove that many cases are identical:

Hi Jialei, apologies you are running into this, could you send a link to your workspace, as well a the minimal reproduction steps?

Hi Jialei,

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