Add row to table replaces existing rows


I want to add a row to a table in each epoch. But it overrides existing data each time a new row is added (or at least there is always only 1 row shown in the dashboard. Ive tried different options when to create the table using wandb.Table, use table.add_row and when to use run.log. The problem is always the same.

In the dashboard runs.summary[“image_table”] is used to show the table.

What might be the problem here? Shouldnt I create the wandb.Table once and then add_row and log for each epoch? Is there an option to show the full table in dashboard correctly?


Hey @nime6,

We are still building a streaming API for tables, so logging on every epoch is not currently supported. I would suggest you to call add_row per epoch and call log once per training run.


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