Possible to add options to edit profile?


When signing up it took me to the WandB website to create an account. But it wasn’t clear that my details would carry forward to the community as well.

Now, I can’t change my username and my full name here. Could you please add the options for editing those for the community?

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Let me check with our resident dev @laxels to see if we can build in the option to edit your discourse/wandb username and full name!


Hi Sahil, you can now edit your full name, We are not able to allow folks to edit usernames though.

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Thank you (and your team) for looking into this and with the update!

Would it be possible to then delete the account if the username can’t be changed?

Or to delete the account and then later try to recreate one with a different username, if wandb supports that?

I couldn’t find such an option, so, sorry if I missed it.

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We’ll get back ASAP w all the options :slight_smile:

And also make sure that this should be easier in the future. :tea:

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I appreciate the effort :pray:t4: but if my request for username change is just an outlier please feel to ignore it if you all think it’s not relevant for the rest of the forum or your intended design!


Hey Sahil! Your Discourse account is created from your W&B account, meaning that whatever your W&B username is whatever your Discourse username will be.

At the moment, there’s no easy way to change your W&B username :disappointed_relieved:

What we recommend is creating a new W&B account with the desired username, and then we can help you move any projects and delete the old account. Lmk if you’d like to do this, I can help with moving things over!

Thanks for the information, Angelica!

I will think about whether or not I wish to continue and reach out accordingly. Thanks again!

I will request, though, that the onboarding be made slightly clearer, if possible. It would help if some text was added when signing up for wandb that clarifies that the details carry over to the community account as well.

Just in case anyone else wished to know of this.

Hi there, I have a similar situation where I want to add my “research” email by removing my current email. Is that possible? I see no option like this in the settings. Any information on this would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

Yes, we’ll pin a banner to the homepage that makes this more clear. Thanks for the feedback!


Hello! This is actually the same as the username situation that @sahiljuneja has — since your Discourse account is created from your W&B account, your Discourse email is the same as your W&B email. At the moment, there’s also no easy way to change your W&B email, and our solution is to create a new W&B account and move runs and projects over.

This brings up a good point, and I can see that other people might be interested in providing alternative contacts or social links. I’ll look into what we can do!

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Hey @acl21 — You can now edit a few custom user fields in your Preferences > Profile settings, including a field for an alternative email address.

This information appears on your public profile:

The Clickable Social Icon theme component we’re using creates a clickable Twitter icon, but currently doesn’t do the same for email addresses. I’ve asked if they could add support for email though!

I’m not sure if this really answers your original question, but hopefully this helps in providing some way of indicating an alternative email address :relaxed:

Thank you for your response @angelicapan. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your answer does solve my problem to some extent on Community. However, I was looking for a more permanent solution where I get all the experiment status emails, etc. to my alternative email.

Why can’t I simply create a new W&B account and transfer data over? Because I want the current username. :neutral_face: I figured that changing email on my main account would solve all my problems, hence my question.

Yeah, I feel that :sweat:

Sorry that there’s no better solution at the moment!