Intros — Come say hi!

I am Barthélémy from France, I am PhD student working on generative models for proteins.
Nice to meet you all,



Hi everybody,

Maria here, with a background in medicine and teaching. Specializing in Object Detection/ Computer Vision.

:canada: Lived in Toronto, Ottawa, The Yukon and Vancouver :smiley:


Hi Everyone :smile: I am Ashish., from India :india:
I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Data and Knowledge Engineering.


Hi all,
I’m Johannes, currently working as a Data Scientist in Germany :de: at celebrate company and mainly focus on NLP stuff since 2 years.

But before that I worked for a Fraunhofer research institute in Berlin, working on ML models for automotive applications for about 3.5 years. We mainly worked on perception tasks using camera and especially LiDAR sensors.

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Hi, I am Akarsh, I am an undergraduate student, and like to explore the aspects of Deep Learning, and currently trying to implement some novel transformer architecture(papers without code), which have not been implemented till now. I have been practising ML for the last 1.5 years, and my social media handle is Thanks, and really happy to connect and learn from you guys


Hey all! I’m Dylan, a new Research Engineer at W&B. I’m really looking forward to meeting the community here.

:earth_americas: — Germany :de: , although I’ll be moving to :us: next year.
:hammer_and_wrench: — I’ll be working on exploring features & finding bugs, writing reports, and finding exciting new visualization techniques to make w&b more useful for researchers and industry practitioners.
:deciduous_tree: — I’ve been doing ML/AI related work for a little over 10 years
:full_moon_with_face: - light mode for me
:link: — all of my links can be found at
:honeybee: — he/him


Hi, I am Divij. Excited to learn and develop vision applications. Joined this space to be a part of Pytorch reading group and currently studying the same. Open to chatting or discussing projects! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • :earth_americas: — Mumbai, India
  • :hammer_and_wrench: — Computer vision, currently working on keypoint matching.
  • :seedling: — Less than a year, and eager to learn more
  • :new_moon_with_face: — Dark Mode everything!
  • :honeybee: — He/Him
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Hi everyone! I am Sinan, getting hands-on W&B for my Master’s thesis in AI! Currently working on EQ prediction through abnormal animal behaviours!

  • :earth_americas: — Geneva, Switzerland
  • :hammer_and_wrench: — Applications of GPT-3, Data-Science
  • :seedling: — ML/AI/Datascience for 3 years
  • :full_moon_with_face: — Light Mode !
  • :honeybee: — He/Him
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Welcome Sinan!

We’d love to know how W&B is helping you in your thesis and if we can be of any help-if you’d like to share :slight_smile:

I’m Chen, AI Scientist
Thanks for the great wandb tool :upside_down_face:

  • :earth_americas: — Israel
  • :hammer_and_wrench: — The language of cellular communication, aka how a cell knows what’s going on outside wild world to decide how to act.
  • :seedling: / :herb: / :deciduous_tree: — First use of a net on 5751 (jewish year), 1991 …
  • :full_moon_with_face: / :new_moon_with_face: — dark!
  • :link: — Social media links
chen.brestel  ---
  • :honeybee: — He
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Hi everyone :wave:
Glad to be in this great community!
I am a Machine Learning Engineer from India. I like to share my limited knowledge of ML/DL with my Youtube channel and blog. Also, I am the creator of GradsFlow and Chitra. GradsFlow is an open-source AutoML library. Chitra is a full-stack Deep Learning library that enables you to easily build models, data pipelines, API/UI and Docker images for your model.

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