Intros — Come say hi!

Introduce yourself and share a little about what you’re working on!

Not sure what to say? Here are some suggestions:

  • :earth_americas: — Where you’re based
  • :hammer_and_wrench: — What you’re working on
  • :seedling: / :herb: / :deciduous_tree: — How long you’ve been doing ML for
  • :full_moon_with_face: / :new_moon_with_face: — Light mode or dark mode
  • :link: — Social media links
  • :honeybee: — Your pronouns

Hii :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’m Ayush. And I voted for dark mode :smirk:


Hi I’m Lavanya, I run Growth at W&B. Super excited to have a chance to get to know our community through this forum! :slight_smile:

If you are new here, my DMs are open don’t hesitate to say hi!


I’m Sanyam, I drink Chai and make content for the community :tea:


Hi, I’m Diganta, I work as a Machine Learning Engineer on frameworks and integrations at W&B. I also run the W&B Reproducibility Challenge.

Feel free to reach out to brainstorm about math or ask questions about our integrations.

Dark mode ftw.


Hey everyone I am Ayush Thakur, I am a Growth ML Engineer at W&B. Earlier I used to write W&B reports (blog posts) and now you can find me on Kaggle.

If you are looking to collaborate on a Kaggle competition, my DMs are open.


I’m Angelica, nice to meet you! You’ll probably see me around a fair bit, since I do lots of miscellaneous admin-y things around the forum.

:earth_americas: — SF Bay Area
:hammer_and_wrench: — I do growth and community stuff at Weights & Biases. I also produce Gradient Dissent, a podcast about ML in the real world (Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts)
:seedling: — Pretty new to ML! I’m currently doing Kaggle’s 30 Days of ML challenge.
:full_moon_with_face: — Light mode, 100%
:honeybee: — she/her
:email: — DMs open! Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.


Hi All :wave:
Welcome to the W&B community! My name’s Scott and I’m working on the ML Community team at W&B.

:earth_africa: — Dublin, Ireland
:hammer_and_wrench: — I also do growth and community stuff at Weights & Biases. This includes creating ML content and running the ML community team.
:honeybee: — he/him


My name is Andrea, happy to meet all of you!

:earth_africa: — based in the heart of Europe: Vienna, Austria
:hammer_and_wrench: — The W&B Growth team is where I belong. I do anything events related - I help the team with running our own events for the community, webinars and anything related to throwing & attending conferences.
:link: — meet me on LinkedIn:
:honeybee: — she/her


:earth_americas: — Verona, Wisconsin
:hammer_and_wrench: — Currently working on growing my company. I just finished a blog post exploring normalization that might be of interest to some people here. I’m always open to feedback as well :slight_smile:
:herb: — I’ve been doing ML for ~4 years
:new_moon_with_face: — dark mode
:honeybee: — He/Him


Hi All,

I am Ravi Chandra Veeramachaneni, I am a Senior Software Engineer at a startup in San Jose, California, USA. I love Deep learning and open source. I have been in ML space around a year. I try to read and implement different topics from DL and blog about them. Also, I love reading variety of topics during my free time and I am currently deepening my knowledge in topics such as parallel universe, dark matter, black holes and few others from Theoretical Physics. I am always open for help/chat/contributing. Please feel free to say hi.


Hey people! I’m Dhruv. I’m a software engineer and now heading into my masters. I love having discussions about things xD looking forward to being here!


Hey Kevin, good to see you! I didn’t realize you had your own company, that’s pretty cool. How did the Problem Solvers Guild get started?

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Hey Ravi! If you’re interested in astronomy in astrophysics, there may be a Gradient Dissent podcast episode on that coming out soon… :eyes:


Awesome. I will be waiting for that.

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I, too, enjoy discussions about things :innocent:

(jokes aside, welcome!)


Hiromi and I started it after doing study group together for about 3 years. We had a company reach out and ask if we could help them with some of their problems and we realized that it was something we could help with. As we have been working through their problems, we realized that we could help other companies as well so we generalized our startup to help any companies develop, optimize, and maintain their deep learning models and everything that surrounds them. We have learned so much already in our first 8 months


Hello! :wave: I’m Ravi Mashru. I’m really excited to be a part of this community! :slight_smile:

  • :earth_americas: — Bangalore, India
  • :hammer_and_wrench: — Full stack developer by day, ML geek by night (and weekends)
  • :herb: — I’ve been playing around with ML for about 2 years now
  • :full_moon_with_face: / :new_moon_with_face: — Depends on the lighting conditions around me :smiley:
  • :link:
  • :honeybee: — he/him

Feel free to reach out if you want to collaborate on any interesting project/hackathon/competition! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I am Vinayak, based out of Mumbai, India. I love solving Computer Vision problems in particular and work as a Data Scientist at Okkular.

I am loving the fastbook sessions and blog occasionally here. Look forward to being an active member and contribute to the community! :slight_smile: